A Sigh of Relief

Well, the Lord really blessed the job search.  Last week I received three job offers (!) in three disparate situations doing three unrelated jobs:  1. As a process control engineer at a paper mill in rural Alabama, 2. As a process technologist (current job) with my same company in Chicago, and 3. As a process development engineer in rural Arkansas (what part of Ark ISN’T rural??).  Anyhow, after much deliberation & prayer, I chose the situation in Arkansas.  I think that job has a lot of upside and will expand my skills into new areas.  It could even open up the pharmaceuticals industry, as the processes are mostly batch in nature.

Kim and I praise the Lord for the success of the search in difficult economic times.  I do not take it lightly that I got even one offer (much less three!).  Now we again pray for the Lord’s guidance and favor in making the move.  And so it begins …

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  1. Watch out about the rural comment, you’ll be a resident soon enough :).

    Congratulations on the new job, my friend! May it be a rewarding and enjoyable one. I look forward to our next visit to see the new homestead.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully, we’ll be coming down to see your improvements soon. But, we would love to have you visit (I understand we’re still close enough to be on the “visit list”; Chicago was right out, though!).

    It will be a big change for our family to be in small town America. I think it will be good — not without a few inconveniences — but good anyway.

  3. Would that Arkansas job be in rural SOUTH Arkansas? I know a couple of batch process chemical plants there…just curious.

    • No; it is in the north part of the state. However, it is good to know that there are some south AR options.

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