Another Title Change

This blog has changed titles three times in its three year history.  Now we live in Arkansas.  It has been a whirlwind — less than two months since I accepted a job opportunity here until we are moved in and now residents.  Whew — how fast it has gone by!  We have moved out of the old house (now on the market — and empty) and into the new.  It is newer by about 7 years, sits on 3.5 acres (vs. ~ 0.5 acre in the previous subdivision, was cheaper, is 3 miles from work (instead of 22!) and is still ~0.5 mile closer to Wal-Mart than we were before (!).  Distances are referred to in Wal-Mart miles in ARK; nah, just kidding!  Anyway this place feels strangely like home.  The territory is just into the foothills of the Ozarks and the types of people here are similar to East Tennessee.  Kim and I have joked that everyone here is “scary” friendly.  Quite a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle of bigger city life.  The town population is ~ 10,000 (15K – 18K, if you count areas outside the city limits); so, it is the smallest town that I have ever lived in.  Still, there are a few things here that a bigger town (say, 20K to 30K — !) might have, and that is sort of nice.

Kim and I technically live in the “country”, as we are ~ 5 miles from the city limits.  So, there are some conveniences that we are learning to do without.  One of those (unfortunately) is high speed internet; had to go with an AT&T “aircard” to use the cell phone towers instead  (Makes me think of the Green Acres theme song …).  Sigh.  Anyway, we now have DirecTV instead of cable and there is no natural gas utility.  Trash collection is at the end of the lane, not by our driveway, so we have to haul it a bit.

On the flip side, we are in the peaceful (and rather dark at night!!) countryside.  I see a ridge out my front door and fairly open space, although the “neighborhood” is growing.  We are on the east side of town, and there are several nicer homes that were built in the last few years — spaced out of course.  We have two neighbors — also very nice; one of my neighbors lent me his zero-turning radius mower to see if I might like to buy one (I need a wide blade &/or a fast mower to cover 3.5 acres!).  It was pretty neat, and a very nice gesture.  The kids (surprisingly, Livy & almost Anna Grace) have made instant friends with the neighbor’s two dogs — very friendly, I might add.  The other neighbor’s dog is not so friendly right away, but still is already chasing the car to “greet me” when I come home.

Also, I am now the proud owner of a 5′ x 14′ trailer with a wood floor and a ramp!  This makes me an official ARK citizen, I think (!), as most folks have a trailer of some kind.  Anyway, I will need something to haul wood for the Hardy wood furnace (used to heat the house & hot water in the winter, if we use it).  The previous owner said that it cut something like $100 / month from the heating bill.  Sounds good to me, if I can secure a supply of wood.  I will need the trailer to go get our new entertainment center — purchased in not-so-nearby Jonesboro (~ 60 miles & maybe 1.5 hours away).  We went on Saturday to make a Sam’s, Target, Chik-Fil-A, and Furniture Row run.  That SUV was stuffed on the way back.

Did I mention that the GPS cannot compute the ARK roads?!  There is just something quirkly about some of these little ARK roads — or certain changes (renumbering? road work??) that has moved things around.  Still getting used to the GPS anyway, but now I have to use a little bit of grain of salt and judgment to follow the suggested route or not.

And, I have ordered my first riding lawn mower from the local John Deere dealership.  It is a JD X340 with a 54″ blade; it can take a few attachments that we might use, but not ground engaging stuff like a tiller, plow, etc.  Mainly it can be set up to haul, to use a 150 lb. front “shovel”, and to use a front blade.  First, we will likely haul things around in the 10P cart (650 lb. limit) too.  Maybe the shovel or blade will come later, but not yet.  It is too many $$ as it is.

We are praying that the Lord blesses us with a church and friends here, and that my work will go well (it is so far, and is extraordinarily interesting too).  We don’t know how long we will be here, but we plan to engage life as we did in other places.  The homeschool community is fairly strong.  The type of church we are used to going too is a little different story, though.  It is “strong”, but not in the sense that we think is important.  I can already tell that those in town are not likely to be in our future, unfortunately.  However, we have found a non-denominational church that meets in a local school; they are doing a lot of good, and their principles seem to hold promise — we will see.  Meanwhile, we will pray and visit as appropriate.

That’s about it for the new start.  We are looking forward to things settling down a bit — again, it has been a whirlwind.

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  1. How about another update my friend! I’ve been remiss in not calling to check in on you guys, but you’ve been on my mind. So how is the farm?

  2. Tell me about it, I live in NYC remember.ud83dude09 Click

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