Christmas Time on TV

One of the great benefits to the TiVo is that you can find all of those old Christmas shows that are rather kid-friendly.  In fact, it’s amazing that there are SO many old shows out there.  Of course, my favorite was and is ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’.  My dad and I always watched it together; he got so tickled at the song lamenting how bad a person the Grinch was.  I mean, there’s just something humorous about saying you wouldn’t touch someone “with a 39 1/2 foot pole” or “You’re a triple decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauceeeeee (silly music following)”.  Also, I always really liked the clay / still figure animation Santa Claus / Rudolph films by Rankin & Bass.  (more…)

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Go Vols: A Season to Remember!

Believe it or not, I started out a Tennessee Basketball fan way before football became the #1 sport as a Vol fan.  Well, move over gridiron, the basketball program appears to have been resucitated thanks to Athletic Director Mike Hamilton and his first try at hiring a major sport coach, Bruce Pearl.  Win or lose on Friday, it has been a one of a kind season for UT b-ball.  (more…)

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The crack in the floor — not in the family, that is.

Well, our washer overflowed a couple of weeks ago.  I was persuaded to stay at home the morning that we found out to wait for the ServPro people come to tear up our wood floor hallway.  Did I mention that, anytime Kim says, “I think something’s wrong with …” there is surely trouble afoot!  Anyhow, while tearing up the 12′ x 3′ section with a 3′ x 3′ inset to the half bath, a lady worker said, “Oh, you have a crack in your floor.  It looks pretty bad.”  Ouch. 


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A Taste of Louisiana and Some Other Old Friends

We got a taste of Louisiana on the Thursday before Christmas.  The Tuckers were passing through to Lebanon, TN and stopped by.  It was terrific to have familiar faces here!  In fact, they were our first house guests (not including family)!!  It seemed like we just picked back up on old conversations.  The kids loved having Hudson and Gabriella here (minus a squabble or two between Olivia and Hudson … very minor).  They stopped by for dinner and were off.  It was a short, but sweet visit from recently “old” friends.

Next, the Stuarts came on Jan. 10 and stayed a whole weekend!  So, we had our first overnight house guests!  We took the time to see scenic Monte Sano state park (ahem!), which was a pleasant surprise considering we were routed there by our first choice.  (more…)

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TiVo — A Good Thing or a Bad Thing? And, Some Content Comments

I having been enjoying the new TiVo — Thanks Kim!!  It has been great to set what I will watch on TV, and more importantly, when.  I have also been thinking some about TiVo’s place in the world.  I have already started becoming a packrat with shows; fortunately, there is only so much disk space available.  There is always network transfer to the PC and then DVD burning, though. (more…)

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Happy Holidays

As usual, we did a bit of traveling for the Christmas holiday.  It was a bit different this year, as I have no vacation yet.  So, we took advantage of my one personal day and a 9/80 Friday off.  Since I had to work on Thursday the 27th, it made for a hectic travel week.  (more…)

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Almost Settled

Well, now it has been nearly two months since I took a new job and we are almost settled.  The old house is officially off our hands as money has exchanged hands and funds are transferred to the bank account!  It has been a whirlwind at times.  Now the tough part is underway: getting established in a new place.  We are starting over in a new church, new homeschool situation, new house, new area, et al.  (more…)

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Using the Telescope

Isaac (and sometimes Bailey and Livy) and I have been getting acquainted with the various constellations.  We have read that there are 88 that can be seen (with the naked eye only — these things have a LONG history when there were no telescopes!).  It has been great to do this!  I always wanted to know the constellations as a kid, and I was somewhat interested — but not enough to put any effort into studying books and going out and learning!!  Anyhow, with Isaac getting homeschooled, I saw a great opportunity to study them with him.


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Reading ‘The Hobbit’ for the first time

Well, I read the seven book Chronicles of Narnia set to Isaac sometime ago.  I really enjoyed that, as I had never previously read six of the seven books.  I had read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, several years ago but did not enjoy it nearly as much as when I read with Isaac (and sometimes Bailey, too!).  So, the literature adventure continues, as I decided to read The Hobbit with Isaac.  (more…)

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A Good Trip

Well, we all returned from the visit with family in Tennessee on Sunday night.  It was a good trip.  We went to a family reunion-cookout (haven’t had one of those in years — it was great!), visited a special aunt and cousin’s house, had dinner at another group of cousins’ home, and saw some old friends on the way back.  We stayed with my mom and Kim’s parents.  And, Kim and I got a day and night away (to a nearby Knoxville hotel to stay) courtesy of Kim’s parents.  It was a good time. 

The only mishap was that, during the visit to eat dinner with and to play with the group of cousins, Isaac fell and broke his left arm.  He had been in two swimming pools earlier that day and was playing on the cousins’ play structure when they began trying out the “zip” line.  It was tied off to a tree about 50-60 feet away.  We were so proud of Isaac — he tried it and did well at it for four straight times.  On the fifth try, his fatigued muscles gave out and he fell.  We felt blessed that he had a chance to do it the first few times, and “be a little boy” before the fall.  Sometimes, this just happens though. 

We took him to the ER to get it checked out and, upon a family friend’s recommendation, got him in (with the Lord’s blessing!) to see an excellent pediatric orthopedic doctor in Knoxville.  So, Kim’s plans for a swimming-centered summer took a 3-6 week hit; but things could have been way worse: we’re counting our blessings.  Later on Isaac will surely take some lessons from this that will hopefully help him in the future.  We’re proud of him for being brave, but sad with him too.  We love you Isaac!

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