Farewell to Darren: A Good Friend

We had some very sad news on Friday.  My friend Darren was killed in a car crash at work on Friday, May 30, 2008.   It is hard to believe how this happened: (more…)

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Go Vols: A Season to Remember!

Believe it or not, I started out a Tennessee Basketball fan way before football became the #1 sport as a Vol fan.  Well, move over gridiron, the basketball program appears to have been resucitated thanks to Athletic Director Mike Hamilton and his first try at hiring a major sport coach, Bruce Pearl.  Win or lose on Friday, it has been a one of a kind season for UT b-ball.  (more…)

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A Taste of Louisiana and Some Other Old Friends

We got a taste of Louisiana on the Thursday before Christmas.  The Tuckers were passing through to Lebanon, TN and stopped by.  It was terrific to have familiar faces here!  In fact, they were our first house guests (not including family)!!  It seemed like we just picked back up on old conversations.  The kids loved having Hudson and Gabriella here (minus a squabble or two between Olivia and Hudson … very minor).  They stopped by for dinner and were off.  It was a short, but sweet visit from recently “old” friends.

Next, the Stuarts came on Jan. 10 and stayed a whole weekend!  So, we had our first overnight house guests!  We took the time to see scenic Monte Sano state park (ahem!), which was a pleasant surprise considering we were routed there by our first choice.  (more…)

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The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

This weekend (it is ~1:48 pm on Sunday afternoon now) can be summed up as the good, the bad, and the beautiful.  Friday was the good: Livy’s birthday party went well.  Lots of friends (for her and us), lots of presents, cake, taco soup, and hot dogs.  Then I went with a good friend to see Spiderman 3.  S3, in my opinion, was quite different that the previous two.  I believe the movie people pulled it off, though; all in all a fairly explicit Christian message emerged as the overall theme and reinforced at the finale.  The special effects were dazzling, it had several funny moments (some perhaps over the top), but, overall, I give it a thumbs up.  I may see it again — haven’t fully decided that yet, though. The (more…)

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Life Group Changes (Christian History 101?)

This past Sunday we had a somewhat uneventful Life Group meeting.  No sparks flew.  No hard feelings were expressed.  In general it was a very smooth flowing, relatively uninterrupted (by children, that is) discussion among most of the core group.  Now that we had a somewhat uneventful group is not unusual; what was great about this meeting is that a few incremental changes were decided on that could really kick off a new era for our group.

 The biggest change is that, once a month, the men will take charge of the kids so that the women can have their own prayer fellowship / study time / accountability time.  (more…)

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A Welcome Visit from a Friend

This past weekend we were visited by a friend, who was one of my college roommates at UT.  Rob and I have remained friends since then, and this makes the 2nd visit that he has made to LA.  The whole visit was really enjoyable.  We didn’t try to do much of anything fancy; just spend quality time as a family with Rob.  Our big adventure for the weekend was to drive over the I-10 “New” bridge to Plaquemine to ride the ferry; we took a short detour to see where one of Kim’s new homeschool-mom-friends lives in Plaquemine.  Interesting that this made Rob’s first trip on a ferry over a body of water.  The kids always love it.  Bailey was particularly fascinated with looking out this time.  I, of course, am always majorly paranoid over the kids during such a trip — but it was enjoyable anyway. 

I don’t know what it is about a visitor, but it really changes the dynamics of day-to-day life.  (more…)

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A New Callahan

I wanted to say congratulations to Jimmy and Connie on the birth of their newest: Maggie Paige!!  I praise God for her safe arrival, and for the smooth labor and delivery.  It is amazing how a Sunday can begin normally and a few hours later life has changed radically — at last, the wait is over!  May God Bless You in raising not only your new daughter, but all of the clan.

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Getting to know the neighborhood kids … and their religions!

Well, the other day a young man showed up on the doorstep wondering if Isaac could come out and play.  Yessin (pronounced Yez-in) had met Isaac once at the neighbors across the street.  Three children there have recently become friends with our children.  So, Yessin came in and, subsequently, he and Isaac and Bailey all went out to play.  Shortly after that, Yessin wanted to know if Isaac could come to his house.  We agreed to a short visit.  At Yessin's house, I decided to ask him a few questions.  He said that his family had a different religion (Islam).   (more…)

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