TiVo — A Good Thing or a Bad Thing? And, Some Content Comments

I having been enjoying the new TiVo — Thanks Kim!!  It has been great to set what I will watch on TV, and more importantly, when.  I have also been thinking some about TiVo’s place in the world.  I have already started becoming a packrat with shows; fortunately, there is only so much disk space available.  There is always network transfer to the PC and then DVD burning, though. (more…)

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A Little Astronomy … and other stuff

After the usual bedtime routine, I had to walk outside to roll the trash containers toward the street.  I looked up to see the constellation Orion and its famous Orion’s belt (three stars in a “row” — at least from our point of view).  Anyhow, I decided: I need to bring Isaac out to see this.  So I went in the front door and called up to him to get him to come down.  I was going outside and told him to come — shoes or not; he said that he would get his shoes, so I went out (Kim later told me that, during this shoe-getting time, that he said, “This is unusual … very strange.”  🙂  — this is very true: it was very strange of me to finish the bedtime routine yet call him out of his room!).

So, we looked up and found Orion.  Then I remembered that I bought an astronomy kit from McKay’s Used Book Store in Knoxville, so we went in to consult the constellation map book.  (more…)

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Wringing Hands

It all began last Tuesday.  Kim started saying, "I think we need to set off a bug bomb."  And by Friday night, I was worried sick that we had termites.  Now, some friends let me know that termites are not that big of a deal: they can be treated.  No, to me, it was the end of the world — would our house be standing past the weekend?!??  Anyhow, I called the pest control company Monday morning.  The fellow reassured me that the termites were "swarming" and searching for a water source.  Within 72 hours they would be dried up and gone.  We have paperwork that says the slab was pretreated.  And, we have paperwork that showed at the renewal in February that the "trench and treat" was done.  Whatever.  The pest company even sent out a 5 month employee on their first "T-complaint".  This employee did not even know the difference between an ant and a termite.  Two segments or three?  Bent antennae or straight?  What am I looking for??  At least they had the two-way going with the supervisor (the fellow I spoke to earlier). (more…)

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