Homeschoolers Beware … Democracies in the West

Well, the world has finally turned on its head.  I’ve been loosely following a story of a homeschooling family in Germany on WorldNetDaily.  The latest story (see the unfolding story using links at the bottom of the article) shows that Germany is returning to its post WWI, pre WWII roots:  the destruction of unwanted minority groups in their country.  How sad that this should happen in the “progressive” West.  And, oh by the way, since when have individual Christian families been a threat to anyone?  Hopefully Germany will come to its senses.  Or, perhaps the well behaved Christian homeschooling families (in this case, who also want to be good German citizens) will be the baby thrown out with the bathwater of reigning in separating Muslim subcultures in Germany and other western European countries.

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My Election (and Other) Thoughts

I just finished watching an outstanding ESPN Thursday night college football game!  No. 15 Rutgers came back from a 25-7 deficit to no. 3 Louisville by scoring 21 straight points and shutting down the no. 2 ranked offense in the country.  This is the first ranked team that Rutgers has beaten since 1988.  They had never beaten a team in the top 15.  This was the first time that a ranked Rutgers team played a ranked opponent at home.  Rutgers was the doormat of college football, but now they are 9-0!  Their coach, Greg Schiano is fantastic.  I heard that their boosters are trying to put together a 22 million dollar, 10 year contract; I really hope they get to keep him — they deserve a winner who is worth it!

Too bad this wasn’t the case on Tuesday.  I personally believe that the vote was more of a protest against the Bush Administration (never tell me people don’t vote about ONE issue!!) than a vote FOR the Democrats.  (more…)

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The Price of Oil Will Surely … Fall ??!?!

I came across a fascinating article from Forbes Magazine (14 August 2006).  It is an opinion written by the owner of a consulting firm.  It is scary how much sense it makes; I am not sure if it is a pipe dream just yet.  Furthermore, I am not completely sure that it would be a good thing, given the other not-so-nice predictions that go with a falling price for oil (too far, that is).  I have given a few excepts of the article here:

Speculation … jumped from stocks to real estate, emerging markets and commodities. Oil in particular. Investors … have bought oil for delivery many months hence in the futures market, pushing those prices above spot levels. … The futures price for December 2006 is now $4 a barrel higher than the price for immediate delivery. (more…)

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My Two Cents … Part II

The world seems to have completely lost it. Why in the world is there such a double standard when it comes to Israel and the terrorists?!?  Most anytime the terrorists capture, kill, maim, or slaughter innocent civilians, the world (or most of it — it seems) turns a blind eye, and finds a way to blame the US, Britain, or Israel (and for the true diehard militant Islamists, India fits the bill too) as the reason it happened.  Nevermind that the terrorists hide behind civilians, store their weapons in civilian buildings, and pose as civilians when they blow themselves up in public places: somehow this appears to be excusable.  (more…)

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Follow Up to “We Being Gouged at the Pump!”

Although I do not plan on posting much of anything more on this issue, a serendipitous email came my way shortly after my previous post.  It was not orchestrated! As I mentioned in the previous blog, I do NOT work in oil production (digging it from the ground) or in gasoline production & marketing; however, I DO work for the chemicals organization of an oil major (translation: I do NOT have any "insider knowledge" whatsoever; I have not even taken a single class on refinery economics, even though my unit is located within the boundaries of one!).  The following is an email with interesting facts that complement the previous blog when I posted my blog.  My emphases are in bold. Too many facts just get in the way of misconceptions (& distortions!): (more…)

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We are being gouged at the pump! Or, so we think …

I was asked by a co-worker today whether I thought the oil companies are gouging people at the pump.  Now this currently is a popular conception of the public.  Every few years or so, all the major oil execs are brought to Washington to defend themselves for their hateful gouging of the common consumer (incidentally, I fit into the latter category).  Nothing ever seems to come from it, thankfully.  This could change since this is an election year, though, and the Democrats are perched on the eve of a great re-taking of both houses of Congress, and their subsequent three-ring circus of impeachment, censure, or whatever the flavor of the day is for President Bush, Rumsfeld, etc.  To be fair, the Republicans seem to have joined in on the chorus as well; presumably to help their re-election efforts too.  I guess we'll see how it all plays out. Anyhow, the price of gasoline isn't what it used to be for many reasons.  (more…)

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