The End is Near

Well, at least the end of a project at work is near.   Or nearing.  There is a part of a major project at work that was left over for the resident “unit AE” to do.  That would be me.  Anyhow, said project has hung over my head since last year.  In fact, it has been about 10 months that I have had to sporadically work on something in the “new world” that I knew quite little about.  There were a few resources (people, that is) that doled out meager amounts of time to help me deal with the new process control system (translation: “new world” mentioned above) and the way it is used to do the aforementioned project.  Recently, that has changed, though, as a new resource was brought in to (partly) help this come to a swift conclusion.  I get by with a little help from my friends, as the song goes.  Things are definitely looking up.  Who knows; I might actually start blogging on a regular basis again!!!?!

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Vacation … Finally!

It felt like the year would never end, yet here it is, as usual.  To borrow a phrase from a friend, the only reason this year was OK was that last year was SO bad (or at least the hurricanes and house buying pieces!). One of the reasons that it seemed so long this year was the constant interruption of vacation plans.  (more…)

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Follow Up to “We Being Gouged at the Pump!”

Although I do not plan on posting much of anything more on this issue, a serendipitous email came my way shortly after my previous post.  It was not orchestrated! As I mentioned in the previous blog, I do NOT work in oil production (digging it from the ground) or in gasoline production & marketing; however, I DO work for the chemicals organization of an oil major (translation: I do NOT have any "insider knowledge" whatsoever; I have not even taken a single class on refinery economics, even though my unit is located within the boundaries of one!).  The following is an email with interesting facts that complement the previous blog when I posted my blog.  My emphases are in bold. Too many facts just get in the way of misconceptions (& distortions!): (more…)

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