2nd Thoughts on The Dark Knight

In thinking about TDK the last night or two, although my overall impression of the movie changed with a key event in the story, there were a few good points that should be noted.  It was a deep movie in a way, and was definitely thought provoking (long post follows …).  (more…)

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The Dark(est) Knight

The best movie summer that I can remember is still rolling along (the X-Files: I Want To Believe and STAR WARS: Clone Wars yet to go!).  I went to see The Dark Knight on Friday afternoon with a friend.  And, had it not been for 1 (or maybe 2) things in the story — major things, mind you, I probably would have like this one the best.  The show’s director, Christopher Nolan, really knows how to mess with your head.  He directed the first Bale film (Batman Begins) and a psychological thriller that I watched with my father-in-law once (Memento – THAT really messed with your head!).  I can summarize TDK in four phrases: (more…)

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Blue Angels … In Our Backyard!

I have never been to a Blue Angels show before.  I had vaguely heard of them from a friend at work; he goes to see them every year (as I remember) in Florida.  Anyhow, I had no idea what a big thing “The Air Show” in Huntsville would be.  Kim was planning be out of town and my mom was coming to render aid to me in watching the children, so it didn’t enter my mind to go.  Then, on Thursday afternoon, Kim called and said that they were practicing … right over our house!!  (more…)

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